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Women’s Ministry

Women’s Ministry is intended for women of all ages, all origins, all races and all social classes, driven by the desire and will to flourish in Christ and reach their full potential, while exerting a positive influence in their environment and the society.

Women’s Ministry unites women from all walks of life within a dynamic and committed team, in order to share God’s Word, to supervise and support women according to their expectations and needs, and this without exclusion.

Women’s Ministry is for all those who wish to share Christian values ​​essential to their spiritual edification, to the improvement of their lives and their influence in the society.

This Ministry is based on God’s Word to strengthen women in their role of worthy mother, wife, servant of God, pillar of society and church by organizing activities such as meetings, conferences, retreats, meetings, days of prayer, workshops for the exchange of experience and knowledge, etc…

Women are organized in a way to keep their spiritual, social, marital, economic and cultural values.

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